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A module for formatting numbers in a localized manner

To use, simply say

use Intl::Format::Number;

# Assuming user-language is 'en' (English)
say format-number 4834853;  # 4,834,853
say format-number 12.394;   # 12.394
say format-number 1/3;      # 0.333333333333333

It's that easy :-)

Support for negative numbers and other formatting styles and options specified in TR 35 / CLDR (e.g. percent, scientific, currency, etc), are NYI but will be available soon.

Performance is about an order of magnitude slower than .Str, but an order of magnitude faster than .base(10), so it should be acceptable for most uses.

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© 2020-2021 Matthew Stephen Stuckwisch. Licensed under the Artistic License 2.0.