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Redis - Perl6 binding for Redis

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my $redis = Redis.new("");
$redis.set("key", "value");
say $redis.get("key");
say $redis.info();

Build & Test & Install

Testing this will require redis-server to be installed on your machine. The tests will start their own version of the redis server on a different port so as not to interfere with a running server. If no redis-server can be found on your machine the tests will be skipped so you will still be able to install this module.

Assuming you have a working rakudo perl 6 installation then you should be able to install this with zef:

zef install Redis

or if you have a local copy of the library:

zef install .

Unit Tests

Tested agaist Redis version 2.4.16, 2.5.12 and 4.0.9


$ p6doc Redis


  1. http://redis.io/topics/protocol
  2. http://search.cpan.org/~melo/Redis-1.951/