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The module provides support for logging. There are different type of logging: error, warning, debug, verbose, info and plain.

You create a log object, then you call methods e,w,d,v,i or p. Methods accept one argument, the logging message or two , section and message. Sections can be allowed or banned. Logging types can be enebled or disabled. The prefix of the log message can be given by a prefix function. Default output is $*ERR.


use Log::D;

my $f = Log::D.new(:w,:i); # create a new object , enable warning and infos

$f.prefix = sub { callframe(2).file~" "~callframe(2).line~" "~$*THREAD.id~" "~DateTime.now~" ";   }; #show line number of logging

$f.i("reached destructor");

$f.enable(:v); # let us enable verbose error messages too

$f.allow("engine func"); # if no allow is given, everything is allowed
$f.i("engine func", "engine starting");

$f.remove_allow("engine func"); # it is not longer allowed, if no allow left, all is turned on
$f.ban("low level func"); # or use ban, then it is not displayed for sure
$f.i("low level func", "print invoice");

$f.remove_ban("low level func"); # need to be able to remove it

$f.o = $*OUT; # change output of the log

use Log::Empty;
my $f = Log::Empty.new(:w,:i);   # all logging is off.. useful to replace Log::D with Log::Empty 

$f.notify = True;  # show bans, allows..etc in the log as well to track their usages