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This is a Perl 6 port of Perl 5's Git::PurePerl. It is a very young and largely untested experiment, extremely slow, and will not work with any but the most bleeding-edge Rakudos (after Mar 23 2015). Its first goals are basic cloning and checkouts, which already seem to work for small repos with very little commit history.


It can be used to clone a repo over the git protocol, like so:

my $repo = Git::PurePerl.new: :$directory;
$repo.clone: 'git://url.to/repo.git';

or from the command line using the included script:

./clone.pl git://url.to/repo.git directory


Nothing besides clone and checkout has been ported yet.

When cloning, the packfiles are downloaded and indexes are built for them. This is currently quite slow even for small repos so don't worry if there is no output for a long time. This step also currently crashes on all but the smallest repos with only a short commit history.

A few files other than packfiles are generated in a new .git directory if one does not already exist, but it is not as complete as a normally initialized git repo, e.g. .git/config doesn't exist.


In spite of the name, both this module and its P5 progenitor rely on a zlib DLL or .so being available. Luckily, Perl 6's Compress::Zlib downloads a DLL for Windows when one is not found at install time, and any non-Win system which runs Rakudo probably already has zlib available, so this module should be as portable as expected.