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Revision history for Test-HTTP-Server

0.5.2  2022-10-19T09:47:54+01:00
   - Move to zef

0.5.1  2020-02-25T11:12:22Z
   - Renamed file extensions

0.5.0  2019-03-11T11:55:13Z
   - Moved to a Docker based Travis test
   - Added "loop" as an option for the "returns" section in the config file to allow a url to loop through it's responses. 

0.4.0  2019-03-08T11:40:31Z
   - Removed META.json test for now. Issues with building the module.
   - Fixed version of HTTP::Server::Async to use correctly. 

0.3.2  2019-03-04T12:34:33Z
   - Move from use v6.c to use v6
   - Added META.json test

0.3.1  2019-02-28T15:09:17Z
   - Force updated version of HTTP::Server::Async post HTTP::Server removal.

0.3.0  2018-08-14T20:30:24+01:00
   - Added xml MIME type
   - Added initial config.yml file with basic rules.

0.2.1  2018-08-07T10:42:42+01:00
   - Added additional MIME types, html, png, jpg, gif, js, css and json

0.2.0  2018-08-05T12:59:52+01:00
   - General fixes to use