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WWW::MermaidInk Raku package

The function mermaid-ink of the Raku package "WWW::MermaidInk" gets images corresponding to Mermaid-js specifications via the web Mermaid-ink interface of Mermaid-js.

For a "full set" of examples see the file MermaidInk_woven.html.


use WWW::MermaidInk
loads the package.

retrieves an image defined by the spec $spec from Mermaid's Ink Web interface.

mermaid-ink($spec format => 'md-image')
returns a string that is a Markdown image specification in Base64 format.

mermaid-ink($spec file => fileName)
exports the retrieved image into a specified PNG file.

mermaid-ink($spec file => Whatever)
exports the retrieved image into the file $*CMD ~ /out.png.

Details & Options


Basic Examples

Generate a flowchart from a Mermaid specification:

use WWW::MermaidInk;

'graph TD 
   WL --> |ZMQ|Python --> |ZMQ|WL' 
 ==> mermaid-ink(format=>'md-image')

Create a Markdown image expression from a class diagram:

my $spec = q:to/END/;
    Animal <|-- Duck
    Animal <|-- Fish
    Animal <|-- Zebra
    Animal : +int age
    Animal : +String gender
    Animal: +isMammal()
    Animal: +mate()
    class Duck{
        +String beakColor
    class Fish{
        -int sizeInFeet
    class Zebra{
        +bool is_wild

mermaid-ink($spec, format=>'md-image')    


The first argument can be a list of pairs -- the corresponding Mermaid-js graph is produced. Here are the edges of directed graph:

my @edges = ['1' => '3', '3' => '1', '1' => '4', '2' => '3', '2' => '4', '3' => '4'];

[1 => 3 3 => 1 1 => 4 2 => 3 2 => 4 3 => 4]

Here is the corresponding mermaid-js image:

mermaid-ink(@edges, format=>'md-image')

Command Line Interface (CLI)

The package provides the CLI script mermaid-ink. Here is its help message:

mermaid-ink --help
# Usage:
#   mermaid-ink <spec> [-o|--file=<Str>] [--format=<Str>] -- Diagram image for Mermaid-JS spec (via mermaid.ink).
#   mermaid-ink [<words> ...] [-o|--file=<Str>] [--format=<Str>] -- Command given as a sequence of words.
#     <spec>             Mermaid-JS spec.
#     -o|--file=<Str>    File to export the image to. [default: '']
#     --format=<Str>     Format of the result; one of "asis", "base64", "md-image", or "none". [default: 'md-image']


This flowchart summarizes the execution path of obtaining Mermaid images in a Markdown document:

graph TD
    UI[/User input/]
    MS{{Mermaid-ink server}}
    MDnb>Markdown document]
    MDIC[[Input cell]]
    MDOC[[Output cell]]
    UI --> MDIC -.- MDnb
    MDIC --> MI -.- TCP
    MI --> |spec|MS
    MS --> |image|MI
    MI --> MDOC -.- MDnb
    MDnb -.- TCP -.- Raku



[AA1] Anton Antonov, "Interactive Mermaid diagrams generation via Markdown evaluation", (2022), RakuForPrediction at WordPress.

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[AAf1] Anton Antonov, MermaidInk Mathematica resource function, (2022-2023), Wolfram Function Repository.

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