Rand Stats


0.2.10  2023-01-01T08:50:14+13:00
  - Fix for Color::Names api(v2)
  - Optimized write-string() and write-name() methods

0.2.9  2022-06-16T07:36:59+12:00
  - Streamline writing of idents
  - Upload to zef ecosystem

0.2.8  2021-09-17T08:28:46+12:00
  - Fix property list indentation of final '{'

0.2.7  2021-04-26T08:00:24+12:00
  - Fix handling of color options
  - Fix @media rule-list indentation

0.2.6  2021-03-17T08:29:21+13:00
  - Renamed github project and repository
  - Moved from Raku Ecosystem to CPAN

  - renames sources *.pm -> *.rakumod

    - Remove class CSS::Writer::BaseTypes
    - Use Rakudo TWEAK object initialization phaser

0.02.3 Output rgba and hsla colors as 'transparent' when
       the alpha channel is 0 and :named-colors are enabled

0.02.2 Adjusted for CSS::Specification 0.4.1. No longer need
       to handle :length(0), :freq(0), etc in AST. But
       do need to remove units from zero quantities.
       :px(0) -> '0', etc

0.02.1 Break down large `$.write` multi-method into seperate
       `$.write-xxx` methods

0.02.0 Adapt 'at-rule from CSS::Grammar 0.3.0. This replaces
       the now obselete 'margin-rule', 'media-rule' and 'margin-rule'.

0.01.4 Omit more spaces in :terse mode.
    - 'color: red !import' is now 'color:red!important'

0.01.3 Introduced :$declaration-list.
    - For serializing a list of
      properties without surrounding parenthesis. Typical usage
      is for generating HTML style attributes.