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Raku Lemmatize

A Raku module to lemmatize strings and lists, with support for 24 languages.


Install using zef:

zef install lemmatize

Or simply download the GitHub repo.


The package uses csv files containing predefined lemmas in a two column format, with the lemma on the left and its derivatives on the right. Any similarly formatted .csv can be used to run the code, allowing for easy use of custom lemma lists and additional languages.

The following four subroutines can be called:

To construct your hash table of lemma pairs; this must be done before lemmatizing:

# or substitute your own filename in place of 'lemmas.csv'

To lemmatize a string (which also converts every character in the string to lowercase):


To lemmatize an array of words (which also converts every string in the list to lowercase):


To convert a string to an array of its component words:


Supported Languages and Their Codes

The following languages are included in the package, and their lemma pairs are stored in csv files titled with their language codes (e.g., 'ast.csv').

Lemma List and Formatting


The list of English lemmas included here was sourced from this GitHub repo by Lin Wei., and the other languages were sourced from this GitHub repo by Michal Měchura., then converted into csvs for inclusion here.


To create your own list of lemmas for use with the library, create a csv file formatted like the one included here. Use two columns, the first containing your lemmas and the second containing comma-separated forms of the lemmas.