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Dist::META Test-install distro

The main intention of this module is to offer an uniform API for data that might be spread over different keys in the META6.json file.

This initial version, however, will focus on getting dependencies right, in a single array.


The usual

zef install Dist::META


Dist::META subclasses META6; please check out that distribution for its common API. It adds a class attribute, .dependencies. Over this META6.json

  "name" : "JSON::Marshal",
  "tags" : [ "object", "serialisation", "JSON" ],
  "authors" : [ "Jonathan Stowe <jns+git@gellyfish.co.uk>" ],
  "author" : "Jonathan Stowe <jns+git@gellyfish.co.uk>",
  "auth" : "github:jonathanstowe",
  "support" : {
    "source" : "git://github.com/jonathanstowe/JSON-Marshal.git"
  "source-url" : "git://github.com/jonathanstowe/JSON-Marshal.git",
  "perl" : "6",
  "build-depends" : [ ],
  "provides" : {
     "JSON::Marshal" : "lib/JSON/Marshal.pm"
  "depends" : [ "JSON::Tiny" ],
  "test-depends" : [
  "description" : "Simple serialisation of objects to JSON",
  "version" : "0.0.1"

You can run this program

use Dist::META;
my $obj = Dist::META.new(file => $meta-path); # Use path to above file
say $obj.dependencies[0]; # Prints JSON::Tiny
say $obj.dependencies[0].DependencyType; # RUNTIMEDEP
say $obj.dependencies[1].DependencyType; # TESTDEP;

.dependencies is an array with all dependencies, "tagged" (using mix-ins ) with RUNTIMEDEP,BUILDDEP or TESTDEP, depending on where they have been defined (independently of the META6.json key they have used).

See also

Test::META tests that specifications are correct. Pakku::Spec, part of the Pakku package manager, also contains a parser for `META6.json that is closer to the current spec.


This module will be licensed under the Artistic 2.0 License.