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Unicode::Security - Check scripts for confusables and mixed script strings


use v6.d;
use Unicode::Security;

say "Nope" if mixed-script( "abcdef" );
say "Yea" if mixed-script( "aαbβ" );

say "Looks fake, Rick" if confusable('paypal',
say "No problem" unless confusable('Paypal', 'paypal');

say "Not confusing" unless whole-script-confusable("Latin", "DFRVz");
say "Confusing" if whole-script-confusable("Cyrillic", "scope");


Unicode::Security is a (partial) transcription of its namesake Perl module. It incorporates confusion tables from the Unicode consortium to detect which graphemes can cause confusion between two alphabets, or which strings could be confused between two or more alphabets; also detect when some strings have mixed scripts, which can be used to slip by literal-string detectors.

The list of confusables is generated from the list published by the unicode consortium using the scripts in resources/script. You should have received a copy along with this. The scripts generate two JSON files, which must be moved by hand to the resources/data directory. You don't need to do this unless you're certain that the supplied copy is really out of sync with the real ones.


sub confusable( $string-a, $string-b )

Returns true if one string could be confusable for the other.

sub whole-script-confusable( $script, $string )

Returns True if the string would be confusable for another written in the indicated script

sub mixed-script( $str )

Returns True if the string includes several scripts, False otherwise

sub mixed-script-confusable( $str )

Returns True if the scripts present in a string could make it confusable for any of them.


JJ Merelo jjmerelo@gmail.com


Copyright 2019,2022 JJ Merelo

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.