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TimeBomb - Trait to provide forced deprecation of Raku Code


use TimeBomb

sub foo() is compile-until<2032-01-19> { … }
sub bar() is run-until<2032-01-19> { … }


This module provides two traits, compile-until and run-until, which do what they say and keep a routine from compiling or running after the date passed into the module.

This is intended to be used for marking code that will be retired on a given date, to prevent use of that code after that date. It is not intended to be used to guarantee future employment!



sub foo() is compile-until<2032-01-19> { … }

The trait blocks compilation of a block after a given date. This can be used to ensure that code is replaced before a gvien date. It only impacts compile-time processing of the code, so code that is, for instance, pre-compiled will continue to run. This check also will not slow down execution, as nothing is left in the routine's code path once compiled.


sub foo() is run-until<2032-01-19> { … }

The trait is used to block execution of a routine after a given date. This can be used to ensure that code is replaced before a given date. It does not impact compilation of the code, only runtime. It does have a minor performance impact as this check is executed each time the code is executed.


The exception thrown by compile-until and run-until is of the type X::TimeBomb::Expired. This contains three attributes:

Routine:D routine

The routine that the trait is applied onto is stored in this attribute.

Date:D until

The date at which the compile-until or run-until trait begins to throw exceptions is stored here.

Str:D type

This contains the type of instruction, which is set by these traits as either "compile" (from compile-until) or "execute" (from run-until).


Joelle Maslak jmaslak@antelope.net


Copyright © 2023 Joelle Maslak

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.