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A Syslog dispatcher for the Lumberjack logger

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    use Lumberjack;
    use Lumberjack::Dispatcher::Syslog;

    # Add the syslog dispatcher
    Lumberjack.dispatchers.append: Lumberjack::Dispatcher::Syslog.new;

    class MyClass does Lumberjack::Logger {
       method start() {
           self.log-info("Starting ...");

       method do-stuff() {
          self.log-debug("Doing stuff ...");
          if $something-went-wrong {
             self.log-error("Something went wrong");
       method stop() {

    MyClass.log-level = Lumberjack::Debug;


This provides a dispatcher for Lumberjack which allows you to log to your system's syslog facility, this may log to various log files in, for instance, /var/log depending on the configuration of the syslog daemon. Because the actual logging daemon being used may differ from system to system (there is syslog-ng, rsyslog, syslog "classic" etc,) you will need to refer to the local documentation or a system administrator to determine the actual logging behaviour. Some systems may for instance just drop "debug" or "trace" messages in the default configuration (or put them in separate files.)


Assuming you have got a working installation of Rakudo you should be able to install this with zef:

zef install Lumberjack::Dispatcher::Syslog

Or if you have a local clone of the code:

zef install .


This in itself is very simple, it is likely that the configuration of the syslog itself is more of a challenge and you should refer to the configuration or documentation of the local syslog installation in the first instance if things aren't being logged as you expect. You may also want to check the documentation for Lumberjack itself as well as Log::Syslog::Native which this uses to send the messages.

If you have any problems or suggestions for the module itself then please feel free to post at https://github.com/jonathanstowe/Lumberjack-Dispatcher-Syslog/issues

This is free software. Please see the LICENCE file in the repository.

© Jonathan Stowe, 2016 - 2021