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Make a supply of the results of Promises

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A different version of the old 'sleep sort'

use Manifesto;

my $manifesto = Manifesto.new;

for (^10).pick(*).map( -> $i { Promise.in($i + 0.5).then({ $i })}) -> $p {

my $channel = Channel.new;

react {
    whenever $manifesto -> $v {
        $channel.send: $v;
    whenever $manifesto.empty {

say $channel.list;


This manages a collection of Promise objects and provides a Supply of the result of the kept Promises.

This is useful to aggregate a number of Promises to a single stream of results, which may then be used in, a react or supply block or otherwise tapped.


Assuming you have a working installation of Rakudo installed with zef you should be able to do either:

zef install Manifesto

# or from a local checkout

zef install .

Other equally capable installers may become available in the future.


This is so simple I'm not sure there is much scope for many bugs, but if you have any questions, suggestions, patches or whatever please send them via GitHub

© Jonathan Stowe 2016 - 2021

This is free software, the terms are described in the LICENCE file in this repository.