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IRC::Client::Plugin::Logger - IRC logger for historic purposes


use IRC::Client;
use IRC::Client::Plugin::Logger;

.run with IRC::Client.new(
  :channels<#channel1 #channel2>,
     :now({ DateTime.now }),
     :next-date( -> $, $date { say $date }),


IRC::Client::Plugin::Logger exports a class that is to be used as a plugin of the IRC::Client framework.

It is a simple IRC logger for historical purposes, so not for forensic logging. As such, it does not keep IP number information, user names nor exact timestamps.

It produces logs compatible with the "raw" format of the colabti.org IRC logger, which contains hh::mm timestamps, join / leave / nick notices and messages sent to the channel. It will not log messages that start with '[off]'.



The directory in which the logs should be placed. It should be writable by the process that runs the IRC::Client.


A numeric value to indicate debug level. If it is non-zero, it will produce debugging output on STDERR.


A Callable that should take the IRC::CLient::Plugin::Logger object as the first positional, and a string in the form of "YYYY-MM-DD" as the second positional argument. It will be called about 1 minute after the first message has been received on a new date. By default, the text "$yyyy-mm-dd has started on $directory" will be noted.


A Callable that should take the text to be logged and remove anything that is not considered fit for logging, and return that. Defaults to logic that removes control characters.

The default handler for normalizer can be obtained with the default-normalizer class method.


A Callable that should return a DateTime object to be used to determine date and time an event should be logged. Defaults to the current time in UTC. Mostly intended for testing purposes to get a reproducible logging result, but can also be used to e.g. have times logged in local time.

The default handler for now can be obtained with the default-now class method.


From the given directory, a directory will be made for each channel (excluding the # prefix). Inside it, a directory will be made for each year in which messages are logged. Inside that, a file will be made for each day that messages are logged, with the name of the format YYYY-MM-DD.

So, for logging the #raku channel on 22 April 2021 with a directory setting of ~/logs, you will get:



Elizabeth Mattijsen liz@raku.rocks

Source can be located at: https://github.com/lizmat/IRC-Client-Plugin-Logger . Comments and Pull Requests are welcome.


Copyright 2021 Elizabeth Mattijsen

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.