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Slangify - Provide an easy interface to activating slangs


# Code of a slang module with only a grammar change
role Foo::Grammar { ... }
use Slangify Foo::Grammar, Mu;

# Code of a slang module with both grammar and actions
role Foo::Grammar { ... }
role Foo::Actions { ... }
use Slangify Foo::Grammar, Foo::Actions;

# Code of a slang module with only an actions change
role Foo::Actions { ... }
use Slangify Mu, Foo::Actions;

# code of a slang module with legacy grammar
role Foo::Grammar { ... }
role Foo::Actions { ... }
role Foo::Grammar::Legacy { ... }
role Foo::Actions::Legacy { ... }
use Slangify Foo::Grammar, Foo::Actions,
  Foo::Grammar::Legacy, Foo::Actions::Legacy;


The Slangify module is a module intended for slang developers.

It abstracts the internals of slang creation and activation so that module developers of slangs have a consistent interface they can work with across current and future versions of the Raku Programming Language.

This module is only needed to install a module that provides a slang. And as such, would only need to be specified in the build-depends section of the META information.

Note that the absence of a grammar role or an actions role, can be indicated by specifying Mu. Sadly, some core ideosyncracies make it currently impossible to indicate no change otherwise.

If the given grammar / actions can work with both the legacy grammar, as well as with the new RakuAST based grammar, then no changes are needed. If there is a different grammar for the legacy grammar and/or actions for the legacy grammar, then you can specify these as the 3rd and 4th argument in the use Slangify statement.


The Slangify module also exports special candidates for postcircumfix { } and for prefix ~. This allows slang developers to remain closer to original grammar code which is often living in NQP land, e.g.: ~$<identifier> eq 'foo'. Without these special candidates, slang developers would need to resort to using NQP ops.


Elizabeth Mattijsen liz@raku.rocks

Source can be located at: https://github.com/lizmat/Slangify . Comments and Pull Requests are welcome.

If you like this module, or what I’m doing more generally, committing to a small sponsorship would mean a great deal to me!


Copyright 2023 Elizabeth Mattijsen

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.