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Revision history for path-utils

0.0.18  2024-05-09T13:48:13+02:00
    - Make sure that "is-text", "is-moarvm" and "is-pdf" don't
      die if the file in question is not readable

0.0.17  2024-05-08T21:54:31+02:00
    - Fix issue with "is-moarvm" if it was a precomp module file
      and it had *many* dependencies.  It will now read up to 16K
      of a file (up from 4K) and look for \n\n to be immediately
      followed by the MoarVM magic number.  This allows it to
      shortcut early on any empty line in a text that is *not*
      a MoarVM bytecode file

0.0.16  2024-05-08T15:02:31+02:00
    - Fix issue with "is-path-pdf" if size of file being checked
      is less than 4
    - Nano-optimize "is-moarvm" functionality (4096 native integer
      increments instead of 4097 on an unsuccessful match)

0.0.15  2024-05-08T11:46:01+02:00
    - Add "path-is-pdf" checking for PDF files

0.0.14  2024-04-29T14:28:17+02:00
    - Add "path-is-moarvm" checking for MoarVM bytecode files
    - Updated copyright year

0.0.13  2022-11-14T11:38:33+01:00
    - Fix logic error in conversion to nqp of Jonathan's original
      algorithm, which oddly only showed up on Windows CI testing

0.0.12  2022-11-13T20:46:54+01:00
    - Add "path-is-text", simplified and optimized version of Jonathan
      Worthington's Data::TextOrBinary module

0.0.11  2022-10-15T21:30:36+02:00
    - Move some more tests to developer test, as they appear to fail
      in some environments.  Steve Roe++ for spotting

0.0.10  2022-09-27T19:43:54+02:00
    - Quench warnings on Windows on startup because $*USER and $*GROUP
      don't actually work there.  Will Coleda++ for spotting

0.0.9  2022-09-20T11:38:01+02:00
    - Introduce renaming syntax for subs on import

0.0.8  2022-08-27T15:05:35+02:00
    - Add "path-has-setuid" to indicate SETUID bit set
    - Add "path-has-setgid" to indicate SETGID bit set
    - Add "path-is-sticky" to indicate STICKY bit set

0.0.7  2022-08-26T23:46:55+02:00
    - Correct the semantics of path-is-readable / path-is-writable /
      path-is-executable.  They were incorrectly checking readability /
      writability / executability of the *owner* of the path
    - Add "path-is-owner-readable" checking whether readable by owner
    - Add "path-is-owner-writable" checking whether writable by owner
    - Add "path-is-owner-executable" checking whether executable by owner

0.0.6  2022-08-15T10:27:02+02:00
    - Add "path-is-git-repo" sub
    - Add "path-is-github-repo" sub
    - Fix up documentation a bit
0.0.5  2022-08-14T13:49:33+02:00
    - Add "path-is-empty" sub

0.0.4  2022-08-13T22:14:09+02:00
    - Add "path-is-owned-by-user/group" subs

0.0.3  2022-08-13T16:56:17+02:00
    - Skip mode related tests on Windows

0.0.2  2022-08-13T16:39:47+02:00
    - Add subs for path-is-readable / writable / executable checks on a path
    - Made documentation of subs in alphabetical order

0.0.1  2022-08-12T14:20:54+02:00
    - Initial version