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Revision history for DBIish

0.6.6  2022-11-28T08:57:47-05:00
    - Remove long deprecated functions such as fetchrow or fetchall-hash.
    - Error messages for LibraryMissing exception now include more detail
    - Libraries now use rakumod extension
    - Use protocol level numeric types in MySQL where possible for Raku Int, Num, Rat, and FatRat types.

0.6.5  2022-04-11T08:36:33-04:00
    - Use MySQL 4.1 API when possible. This improves consistency of .execute($sql, @vars) and .execute($sql).
    - Add SQL State to MySQL exceptions
    - Use MariaDB client library when available. Mysql client library as a fallback.

0.6.4  2022-03-15T16:59:30-04:00
    - Allow support for threads in Oracle driver
    - Switch to zef ecosystem