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ake Tests on source

ake is a make-a-like implemented in Raku. It was inspired by rake.


Ake is easily installable with zef:

zef install ake

If you are using rakubrew in shim mode you will need to run rakubrew rehash to make the ake executable available.

Current status

Ake is fully-functional but may lack some advanced features. Feature requests and PRs are welcome!


Create a file named Akefile with these contents:

task 'buy-food', {
    say 'Bought a salad.'

task 'shower', {
    say 'Showered.'

task 'morning' => <shower buy-food>;

task 'dinner' => <buy-food>, {
    say 'Yummy!'

Then you will be able to run ake from the same directory (e.g. ake morning).


Ake is available under Artistic License 2.0.