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Mi6::Helper - An aid for converting Raku modules to use App::Mi6


use Mi6::Helper

$ mi6-helper new=Foo::Bar provides=Bar-description.txt

Easily create the template for a new Raku module repository for management by App::Mi6 with modifications including:

Special installation requirements

The user must install and have an account with fez to use this module.


Note this is API 2 and its approach has changed significantly since the author has had much more experience using App::Mi6. For example, accidentally using mi6 test in a non-mi6 module's base directory will corrupt an existing README.md file!

CAUTION: Before using this tool on a real module repository, the user should ensure all contents have been comitted with Git to enable recovery from any unwanted changes.

This module installs a Raku executable named mi6-helper which is designed for two major modes of operation:


NOTE: If one of the non-Linux OS tests fail, you can eliminate that test by doing the following two steps (for example, remove the macos test):


Modified files for mode new

Files with replaced, modified, or added lines:

    # The line that reads:
    filename = lib/Foo/Bar.rakumod
    # is changed to:
    filename = docs/README.rakudoc
    # the following App::Mi6 optional sections are added
    # if not found:
    #   PruneFiles
    #   MetaNoIndex
    #   AutoScanPackages
    #   RunBeforeBuild
    #   RunAfterBuild

    # The line that begins:
    "description": "blah blah blah",
    # is changed to:
    "description": "[text entered per the 'provides=X' option]

    # Move all lines following the first non-blank line
    # thus leaving:
    unit class Foo::Bar;

    # Create three new files to provide three separate test badges
    # Remove the original test.yml file

New directory and file:

  # new directory
    # new file:
    # This new file first gets all the lines removed from
    # 'lib/Foo/Bar.rakumod' resulting in a complete pod
    # document:
    =begin pod
    =end pod
    # Then, four lines are changed:

    # 1. The line that begins:
    Foo::Bar - blah blah blah
    # is changed to either:
    B<Foo::Bar> - [Foo::Bar is bolded, text entered per the 'provides=X' option]
    # or:
    B<Foo::Bar> - blah blah blah [Foo::Bar is bolded]

    # 2. The line that begins:
    Foo::Bar is ...
    # is changed to:
    B<Foo::Bar> is ...

    # 3. The line that begins:
    Copyright {current year} ...
    # is changed to:
    <copyright symbol> {current year} ...

    # 4. The line that reads:
    This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.


Tom Browder tbrowder@acm.org


The very useful Raku modules used herein:


© 2020-2023 Tom Browder

This library is free software; you may redistribute it or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.