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Revision history for Terminal-Print

0.976  2023-08-20T15:07:58-07:00
  - Require exactly Term::termios:ver<0.2> to avoid bugs later in 0.2.x series.

0.975  2023-06-24T21:59:25-07:00
  - Add support for Grid.with-grid-lock method, which allows widget libraries
    built on top of Terminal::Print to observe the T::P::Grid locking protocol:
    during low-level copies and other grid changes, the destination Grid holds
    a mutex for thread safety.

0.974  2023-06-10T20:45:32-07:00
  - Support override of box corner style in BoxDrawing role

  - Update CI checkout action to v3 to avoid GitHub warnings
  - Drop CI testing on old Rakudos (conflict with current `prove6`)

0.973  2022-07-22T15:36:47-07:00
  - Begin conversion to modern packaging