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WWW::GCloud::API::Vision - WWW::GCloud implementation of Google Vision API


use v6.e.PREVIEW;
use WWW::GCloud;
use WWW::GCloud::API::Vision;
use WWW::GCloud::API::Vision::Types;

my $gcloud = WWW::GCloud.new;
my $images = $gcloud.vision.images;

my $queue = $images.annotation-queue;
given $queue {
    # Create a new request to OCR-annotate an image. Subsequent calls to .request will queue new requests.
        :file("my-image.ext"), # Can be a PNG, TIFF, GIF.
        feature => ( :type(GCVFDocument), :model<builtin/latest> ),
        # If several features to be added at once:
        # features => [...],
        -> $request {
            # Here we can do things with the request object itself.
            $request.feature(GCVFLogo); # Also search the image for logos.
            # If there is something special about the input config...
            # $request.set-input-config(...);

            # If the image is a multi-page one. .pages is an Array[UInt:D] attribute.
            # $request.pages = 1,3;

await $queue
            say "Annotate completed."
            # .result is an instance of WWW::GCloud::R::Vision::BatchAnnotateImagesResponse


This module lacks complete documentation due to me not currently able to write it. Please, see some notes for WWW::GCloud framework. And look into exmaples/ where I tried to provide meaningful code to follow.


This module is pre-beta, pre-anything. It is incomplete and likely not well thought out at places. But it already lets you do a lot with your storages.

If there is anything you need but it is missing then, please, consider implementing it and submitting a PR. Any other approach would barely proces any outcome for what I do apologize!

Either way, this module can be used as a reference implementation for a WWW::GGCloud API.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me would you need any help. I know it could be annoying when a complex module has little to none docs. I'll do my best to fix the situation. But until then feel free to open an issue in the GitHub repository, even if it's just a question.


(c) 2023, Vadim Belman vrurg@cpan.org


Artistic License 2.0

See the LICENSE file in this distribution.