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Version history:

1.6.4   2021-02-23  'Test on Windows'
  - Fix tests for Windows
  - Fix flappy test for callframes
  - Moved from TravisCI to GitHub Actions
  - Add CI for Windows as well as for Ubuntu

1.6.3   2020-12-29  'fix README'
	- Improve language in README
	- For now we can use 'positional' array for positional argument in custom section in config file
	- Rename all module files s/pm6/rakumod/
	- Change explisit array of digits to range with eager

1.6.2   2020-06-22  'fix concurrency issue'
	- fix concurrency issue with laziness of the sequence operator

1.6.1   2019-04-29  'conditional log calls'
	- add methods info-on, error-on or so to check will a log will be written
	- separate sprintf-slyte and contatenation-slyte logs into separate methods

1.5.2   2019-04-25  'fix broken compatibility'
	- LogP6::Writer::Journald module is broken by previous release. Fix it.

1.5.1   2019-04-24  'the new small features'
	- add asynchronous implementation of handle and writer
	- add parameters for %trait placeholder
	- add %color placeholder
	- add reusing handles from previous config file read
	- add possibility to backup and restore NDC and MDC values
	- add out-buffer parameter to std and file handle in configuration file
	- improve internal exceptions behaviour

1.4.2   2019-04-10  'better config file and zero length'
	- add length=0 support in %level placeholder
	- add support of using 'custom' arguments in custom's args in configuration file

1.4.1   2019-04-08  'callframe in writer pattern'
	- add callframe support in writer pattern

1.3.1   2019-04-07  'The first public release'
	- Production ready log library