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v0.5.2	2020-07-11

v0.5.2	2020-07-11

    * Fixing a broken uages of signal(SIGQUIT | SIGINT). That used to work, but
      doesn't anymore.

v0.5.1	2019-12-02

    * For some reason, I decided 8MB of images was cool to include. I reduced
      the size of these.

v0.5.0	2019-12-01

    * BREAKING: Renaming to support 0.9.Draft of RakuWAPI. This changes some
      functions from wapi to just wapi-*, environment variables named p6w.* are
      now wapi.* and p6wx.* are now wapix.*
    * Partial renaming because of the Perl 6 to Raku rename.
    * Better handling of request-uri in the request line of client requests.
    * Better client request gists.

v0.4.0	2019-06-02

    * Added SSL support to Smack::Client.

v0.3.0	2019-05-27

    * Adding support for PUT in Smack::Client::Request::Common.

v0.2.0	2019-03-09

    * Improve the content-length() function in Smack::Util so that it does not
      consume the supply. Provides a :defer option to allow the response to the
      calculation to be performed upon completion of the entity rather than
      looping through the output twice.

v0.1.2	2019-03-05

    * Fixing broken META
    * Adding a META test

v0.1.1	2019-03-04

    * Removed some experimental packages that are not read and maybe never will
      be because they were experimental. They were not finished and did not work.
    * Adding a test to make sure all included modules at least compile.

v0.1.0	2019-03-03

    * Adds caching of content when pulling it with the .raw-content or .content
    * Fixed bugs in the t/001-request.t test

v0.0.2	2019-03-01

    * Fix Smack module.

v0.0.1	2019-02-28

    * EXPERIMENTAL (and very incomplete) release.