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Revision history for Perl6-Tidy

0.0.7  2019-02-24T14:42:14+09:00

    - Mistyped password, sigh.

0.0.6  2019-02-24T14:39:32+09:00

    - Fix for 'redeclared class' errors in test suite

0.0.5  2018-07-24T11:55:11-06:00
    - Add basic operator cuddling and uncuddling

0.0.3  2018-03-15T16:36:49+01:00
    - Reformat README.md - the release module reformatted my README.md

0.0.2  2018-03-14T11:40:09+01:00
    - Get rid of the 'y' version

y  2018-03-14T11:30:39+01:00
    - Add Perl6::Parser as dependency

0.0.1  2018-03-12T16:17:39+01:00
    - Initial version