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Raku GitHub Workflows

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This distribution contains a number of GitHub workflows that can be used for testing Raku (Perl6) modules. The Raku code under lib and t is just dummy code that acts as a test harness for the workflows. Look in .github/workflows for the real deliverables from this dstribution.

Summary of Workflows Available

The workflows vary in the amount of control they have over the version of Raku used and the OS they run on. The table below summarised the feature set available in each.

Workflow FileOS SupportedRaku OriginUses Rakudo StarControl Raku Version UsedOption To Run Latest RakuGitHub Cache Support
wf-caching.ymlLinux, MacOS & WindowsRakudo DownloadsNoYesYesYes
wf-linux-star-docker.ymlLinuxRakudo Star Official DockerYesYesYesNo

Which one should you use?

For casual testing, one of the workflows that use Rakudo Star is a good starting point. They usually have a relatively recent build of Raku, plus they come with a set of commonly used modules. Less chance of needing any prerequisite modules to be installed.

Why you may need a Caching Workflow

All the workflows use the zef Module Manager to automatically install Raku depencencies. If you are using a workflow that uses Rakudo Star there may be no need to install any. Rakudo Star may already include them.

If you have a use-case where your module dependencies are not present in a Rakudo Star distribution, and you are not using workflow caching, those dependencies will get resolved by zef every time the workflow runs.

At the time of writing, installing Raku module dependencies can take a long time to run -- 5 minutes is typical. This is where a caching workflow can help. The wf-caching.yml workflow has been setup to use a GitHub cache to store all the modules that zef installs.

This means that the first time you run the workflow you will take the 5 minute hit, but the subsequent runs should be completed in seconds.

Limitations of Caching

GitHub will only retain the cache for about a week if it isn't accessed.


Suggestions/patches/comments are welcomed at Raku-GitHub-WorkFlows