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Raku Console UI Toolkit Vikna

Pronounced as Veekna. In Ukrainian it means 'windows'. ;)



Vikna is in its deep, deep infancy stage. Mostly being a proof of concept now than a real thing. Yet, it already has many of the key elements an UI framework must have. Just check out ./examples directory to get the first impression. But be patient when trying threaded-rainbow.raku.

The project requires Raku to implement chained dispatching. Because my implementation of the feature for Rakudo had to be reverted from the master Vikna won't work correctly with standard Rakudo releases. But it can be tried with v-dispatchers branch in either main Rakudo repository or in my fork of it. The situation will change when Jonathan Worthington will succeed with his total redesign of dispatching which is much awaited by many as it gonna bring a lot of new opportunities to Rakudo.