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Net::Jupyter is a Perl6 Jupyter kernel


This is a perl6 kernel for jupyter

the minumum required messages are implemented: kernel_info_request and execute_request also implemented: shutdown_request

Version 0.1.3


In development.


  1. Implement Magic statements (see section below)
  2. Implement additional messages


  1. https://github.com/timo/iperl6kernel

  2. https://github.com/bduggan/p6-jupyter-kernel


relies on Net::ZMQ


see also http://jupyter.org/


First, install the module:

git clone https://github.com/gabrielash/p6-net-jupyter
cd p6-net-jupyter
zef install .

then, install the kernel:

bin/kernel-install.sh [ dir ]?

Assuming jupyter is already installed on your system, and LOCAL_HOME is defined, it will try to install in the correct .local subdir that Anaconda recognizes for jupyter kernels. You can also specify a custom dirctory as an argument.

Docker Installation

  docker run -d --name jupyter-als \
    -p 8888:8888 \
    -v $CONFIG:/home/jovyan/.jupyter \
    -v $NOTEBOOKS:/home/jovyan/work \
  1. set CONFIG to the directory (Full Path) for overriding jupyter settings. For example to substitute a fixed authentification token. There is a demo jupyter_notebook_config.py in the docker dir that you can copy into it and edit.
  2. set NOTEBOOKS to the directory that will hold all notebooks created. It will be the top directory for the Jupyter server.

see also Jupyter's all-spark-notebook docker image

An alternative minimal image based on jupyter base-notebook is also provided. see the docker directory.

Magic declarations

magic declrations are lines beginning and ending with %%.

All magic declarations apply to the whole cell, must come at the top, and cannot be interleaved with Perl6 code.


%% timeout 5 %%  
# sets a timeout on execution

%% class Classname %%
does Positional {

# defines a class. Note that the magic declaration replaces the beginning 
# of the class declaration, but any qualification must follow outside it