Raku Land

Recent Distributions

IRC::Channel::Log 0.0.32 access to all logs of an IRC channel
Spreadsheet::Libxlsxio 0.0.1 An interface to libxlsxio, a C library to read and write XLSX files
Gnome::Gdk3 Raku - Gnome Gdk Interface, Please install Gnome::Gtk3
Spreadsheet::XLSX 0.2.3 Work with Excel (XLSX) spreadsheets.
Cro::CBOR 0.0.3 Support CBOR in Cro for body parsing/serializing
CBOR::Simple 0.0.9 Simple codec for the CBOR serialization format
Config::BINDish 0.0.3 Extensible BIND9-like Configuration Files Support
Email::Valid 1.0.4 Email validator for Raku
Doc::TypeGraph 2.2.1 Parse a type graph description file
Game::Entities 0.0.3 A simple entity registry for ECS designs
TinyFloats 0.0.3 Convert to/from tiny float formats
Test::Async 0.1.2 Thread-safe testing framework
Net::Ethereum 0.0.121 A Raku interface for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain and ecosystem via JSON RPC API
Intl::Fluent 0.8.1 A localization framework implementing Mozilla’s project Fluent
App::IRC::Log 0.0.5 Cro application for presentating IRC logs