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Using Raku to scrape and analyze Ukraine Ministry of Defense Data

Test in a Raku container Tests python stuff Generates parquet from the CSV file Scrape downloaded HTML when created and generate CSV Test-create and publish Docker images

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This is mainly code to extract information from the reports on Russian invader losses published by the Ukrainian ministry of Defense, as well as extracted and processed data.

Docker containers

Get the latest version of the data locally:

docker run -p 31415:31415 ghcr.io/jj/ukr-mod-data:latest

and then

wget http://localhost:31415/ -o raw-data.csv
wget http://localhost:31415/deltas -o deltas.csv

You can also use

docker run --rm -t -v `pwd`:/home/raku/test  ghcr.io/jj/ukr-mod-data-csv


Evolution of tanks (y axis) and APVs (color)

News about combat losses of the Russian invaders are periodically published by the Ukraininan minister of Defense This is a Raku module that extracts information from those pages, for instance this one.

Note: English reports are updated less frequently than the Ukrainian one, which are updated daily. That's left for future work.


This repo uses Raku as well as Python for performing the whole downloading/scraping workflow. You will need a reasonably recent version of both to work. Additionally, install poetry globally.

When that's done, clone this repo or install via zef (when I upload it to the ecosystem , shortly). If you want to run it directly from here, run

zef install --deps-only .


poetry install

If you just want to use the Raku part yourself, use zef for installation:

zef install Data::UkraineWar::MoD


You can always check the examples in the t directory. For convenience, an Akefile is also included. It contains several targets which automate some tasks


Not a lot of that, I'm afraid. There are two classes, Data::UkraineWar::MoD::Daily, which will deal with content from a single webpage (updated daily-ish) and Data::UkraineWar::MoD::Scrape which will look in a directory for all HTML pages and try to extract information from them, or bail out if some page does not contain losses information.


Please raise issues at the repo.

See also

Failed tests for scraping are included in the bin directory. scrapy.py is functional, you will need to install the corresponding Python and Chrome dependencies.

The raw content of the pages used as source is included in the raw-pages directory, mainly for caching purposes. They are (c) the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and the source is this page.


This module is licensed under the Artistic 2.0 License (the same as Raku itself). See LICENSE for terms.