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Do things with Raku META files



The below will generate the META6.json for this module.

use META6;

my $m = META6.new(   name        => 'META6',
                     version     => Version.new('0.0.1'),
                     auth        => 'github:jonathanstowe',
                     api         => '1.0',
                     description => 'Work with Raku META files',
                     raku-version   => Version.new('6.*'),
                     depends     => ['JSON::Class:ver<0.0.15+>', 'JSON::Name' ],
                     test-depends   => <Test JSON::Fast>,
                     tags        => <devel meta utils>,
                     authors     => ['Jonathan Stowe <jns+git@gellyfish.co.uk>'],
                     source-url  => 'https://github.com/jonathanstowe/META6.git',
                     support     => META6::Support.new(
                        source => 'https://github.com/jonathanstowe/META6.git'
                     provides => {
                        META6 => 'lib/META6.pm',
                     license     => 'Artistic',
                     production  => False,
                     meta-version   => 1,


print $m.to-json;

my $m = META6.new(file => './META6.json');
$m<version description> = v0.0.2, 'Work with Raku META files even better';
say 'Modules in the distribution: ' ~ $m<provides>.keys.join(', ');
spurt('./META6.json', $m.to-json);


This provides a representation of the Raku META files specification - the META file data can be read, created , parsed and written in a manner that is conformant with the specification.

Where they are known about it also makes allowance for "customary" usage in existing software (such as installers and so forth.)

The intent of this is allow the generation and testing of META files for module authors, so it can provide meta-information whether the attributes are mandatory as per the spec and where known the places that "customary" attributes are used,


See JSON::Fast to-json() for options. sorted-keys is recommended if you intend to modify the same file multiple times.


Assuming you have a working Rakudo installation you should be able to install this with zef :

# From the source directory

zef install .

# Remote installation

zef install META6


Suggestions/patches are welcomed via github

I'm particulary interested in knowing about "customary" (i.e. non-spec) fields that are being used in the wild and in what software so I can add them if necessary.


This free software.

Please see the LICENCE file in the distribution for the details.

© Jonathan Stowe 2015 - 2021