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Revision history for App-IRC-Log

0.0.52  2022-05-08T15:51:11+02:00
    - Upped dependencies

0.0.51  2022-02-11T18:10:02+01:00
    - Upped dependencies

0.0.50  2021-12-21T23:53:21+01:00
    - Add dependency on "highlighter"
    - Add "highlight-before" and "highlight-after" attributes
    - Add highlighting to search results

0.0.49  2021-12-02T20:26:10+01:00
    - Add support for "oldest-first" parameter in search endpoint
    - Remove support for entries-pp-options, no longer needed
    - Fix thinko in scrollup logic

0.0.48  2021-12-01T21:55:40+01:00
    - Upped dependencies for various fixes

0.0.47  2021-12-01T16:13:17+01:00
    - Fix issue in nick search

0.0.46  2021-11-24T19:43:00+01:00
    - Allow number of entries parameter with scrolldown endpoint
    - Make sure from/to-yyyymmdd are always set.  Allows for
      simplificaton of many templates

0.0.45  2021-11-22T00:20:22+01:00
    - Optimized scrollup / scrolldown handling in case of no data
    - Centralized refresh of a template in a central place
    - Implement backend functionality for search results scrollup
      and scrolldown

0.0.44  2021-11-18T22:12:36+01:00
    - Bump Cro to 0.8.7
    - Fix rendering of day for which there is no log file

0.0.43  2021-11-18T14:24:28+01:00
    - Fix problem in search results

0.0.42  2021-11-18T13:17:04+01:00
    - Upped several dependencies
    - Adapted to parameter changes in IRC::Channel::Log
    - Now doesn't actually return until all of the logs have
      been read.  This will slow down server startup a bit, but
      since this is now about 25% faster, it may be less of an
      issue, while it prevents any potential for segfaults by
      unsafely accessing the channel logs hash.

0.0.41  2021-10-26T21:00:53+02:00
    - Collect warnings from rendering in a less soiling manner

0.0.40  2021-10-25T23:38:16+02:00
    - Add support for "channel-class"
    - Remove dependency on IRC::Channel::Log, it's now a parameter
    - Some updated minimal documentation
    - Fix support for "special-entry"

0.0.39  2021-10-22T20:05:55+02:00
    - Introduce "initial" tag for initial message in a range
    - Some internal cleanups

0.0.38  2021-10-22T12:36:49+02:00
    - Add initial support for "special-entry" checker
    - Small cleanups

0.0.37  2021-10-21T13:09:23+02:00
    - Add messages plugins for search view

0.0.36  2021-10-20T17:28:11+02:00
    - Fix thinko in scrolldown plugin handling

0.0.35  2021-10-20T13:11:07+02:00
    - Add message plugins for each view that has messages

0.0.34  2021-10-17T15:32:47+02:00
    - Reorganized some monthly constant building
    - Optimized human date / month logic a bit
    - Only use short names on home page

0.0.33  2021-10-15T19:55:55+02:00
    - Add support for .one-liners
    - Further simplification of home page rendering hash
    - Add support for delimiters in channel specification

0.0.32  2021-10-14T17:49:47+02:00
    - Rework the home page rendering hash

0.0.31  2021-10-14T13:53:08+02:00
    - Up dependency on IRC::Channel::Log
    - Make sure all applicable endpoints have a sensible "month" value

0.0.30  2021-10-13T13:02:42+02:00
    - Handle scroll-down events during server restarting
    - Allow for :batch and :degree parallellism settings

0.0.29  2021-10-12T22:41:42+02:00
    - Re-imagine / Simplify the index handling of years/months/days

0.0.28  2021-10-12T19:36:58+02:00
    - Add support for .descriptions, and pass that onto index

0.0.27  2021-10-12T16:22:39+02:00
    - Fix channel setting for index page

0.0.26  2021-10-01T17:28:07+02:00
    - Simplify up/down scroll logic, JS can do that better clientside
    - Simplify some internals

0.0.25  2021-09-29T22:49:39+02:00
    - Added "entries" parameter to scroll-up logic, defaults to 10
    - Added support for live-plugins

0.0.24  2021-09-08T11:50:31+02:00
    - Migrate to zef ecosystem, update dependency
    - Update email address

0.0.23  2021-09-07T12:59:38+02:00
    - Fix the semantics of "first-date" and "last-date" in !search
    - Remove "first-target" and "last-target", they are not needed

0.0.22  2021-09-07T11:51:49+02:00
    - Accept "from-yyyymmdd" and "to-yyyymmdd" as overriding alternatives
      to indicate the period in which to search.

0.0.21  2021-09-03T12:19:00+02:00
    - Change "all words" parameter name from "all" to "all-words"
      to prevent confusion with the .all method in templates.

0.0.20  2021-09-03T11:34:44+02:00
    - Make sure all pages that need search pulldown values, have them

0.0.19  2021-09-01T21:21:57+02:00
    - No need to add ';charset=utf-8' anymore with this version of Cro
    - Fix issue with human-date in scrolldown

0.0.18  2021-08-27T21:57:45+02:00
    - Fix several small issues

0.0.17  2021-08-22T01:01:12+02:00
    - Make sure all pages have first/last/start/end-date

0.0.16  2021-08-21T11:35:46+02:00
    - Fix incorrect dependency in META

0.0.15  2021-08-20T18:16:08+02:00
    - Up dependency on IRC::Channel::Log to get .initial-topic
    - Add support for initial-topic on day
    - Add available channels to live

0.0.14  2021-08-18T15:07:52+02:00
    - Make gist.html endpoint use the 'gist' template

0.0.13  2021-08-18T13:00:22+02:00
    - Move handling of /targets.html to /channel/gist.html

0.0.12  2021-08-13T15:17:37+02:00
    - Make sure nick is shown after control message by same nick

0.0.11  2021-08-07T12:51:05+02:00
    - Up dependency on Cro to 0.8.6.

0.0.10  2021-08-04T15:08:12+02:00
    - Make .nick always contain the nick
    - Add "self-reference" for self-referential messages
    - Rename "same-sender" to "same-nick" for consistency

0.0.9  2021-08-03T22:13:59+02:00
    - Introduce "same-sender" tag, instead of using '"' as same sender indicator

0.0.8  2021-08-03T14:56:50+02:00
    - Add additiuonal info for calendars (Oleksander++)
    - Add pages.md for a bit of background info

0.0.7  2021-06-10T11:40:59+02:00
    - Fix issue in scroll-down functionality
    - Rework entry preparation to exclude conditional fields

0.0.6  2021-06-09T23:40:43+02:00
    - Initial support for /channel/scroll-up|down

0.0.5  2021-06-04T22:14:40+02:00
    - Initial support for /channel/live.html

0.0.4  2021-06-04T14:51:25+02:00
    - Up dependency on IRC::Channel::Log
    - Invalidate home.html / index.html on the start of a new day

0.0.3  2021-06-01T22:01:59+02:00
    - Fix the route for raw logs

0.0.2  2021-05-31T23:05:28+02:00
    - Up dependencies in IRC::Channel::Log and JSON::Fast
    - Make any static file lookup first look in static/channel dir

0.0.1  2021-05-28T11:48:35+02:00
    - Initial version