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Revision history for App-Rak

0.0.40  2022-08-05T17:12:19+02:00
    - Add dependency on String::Utils, for "is-sha1" and "before"
    - Skip filenames that are SHA1's (aka precompiled source) by default
    - Make sure you can call "rak" with a Callable as a needle

0.0.39  2022-08-05T10:54:49+02:00
    - Bump dependency on Git::Blame::File because then it will install
    - Unexpected Boolean options that are False are now acceptable
    - Die instead of exit if called as "rak"

0.0.38  2022-08-04T15:28:49+02:00
    - Bump dependency on CLI::Version to get more leniency
    - Export "rak" subroutine by default, adapt bin/rak accordingly

0.0.37  2022-08-04T00:18:12+02:00
    - Bump dependency on Git::Blame::File to get Failure fix

0.0.36  2022-08-03T22:54:58+02:00
    - Bump dependency on CLI::Version
    - Bump dependency on Files::Containing to fix searching with Callable
    - Add .ini extension in the #config group
    - Make --known-extensions default for human users

0.0.35  2022-07-31T22:21:23+02:00
    - Bump dependency on Files::Containing to get $*IO support and
      support for running FIRST / NEXT / LAST phasers
    - Add support for $*IO in Callable needles
    - Fix various small bugs

0.0.34  2022-07-30T12:35:53+02:00
    - Split off documentation into separate .rakudoc file
    - Added .rakudoc and .pod6 to the raku extensions list
    - Added support for FIRST, NEXT and LAST phasers if the needle
      is a Callable
    - Changed description to be more descriptive
    - Some more pod cleanup

0.0.33  2022-07-29T21:33:26+02:00
    - Fix issue with multiple matches inside the same paragraph with
    - Fix issue with #raku, #text and #perl extension groups

0.0.32  2022-07-29T17:23:05+02:00
    - Add "paragraph-context" option to show paragraph around match,
      Eric de Hont++ for the suggestion

0.0.31  2022-07-28T23:46:56+02:00
    - Bump dependency on Git::Blame::File to get latest fixes
    - Add -blame-per-line option to filter on `git blame` objects

0.0.30  2022-07-28T14:02:10+02:00
    - Add dependency on Git::Blame::File
    - Add --show-blame option to show `git blame` output if possible

0.0.29  2022-07-28T00:19:30+02:00
    - Fix off-by-one in line number in --vimgrep output, Damian++

0.0.28  2022-07-26T14:14:02+02:00
    - Add --smartcase option like --ignorecase without uppercase
    - Add --vimgrep option for integration into the :grep feature of vim
    - Made "Creating your own options" documentation more prominent

0.0.27  2022-07-25T22:12:00+02:00
    - Add --known-extensions to allow only known extensions
    - Add --passthru option to allow only highlighting
    - Add --pager option to page through output
    - Add support for #python, #ruby, #markdown, #text extensions

0.0.26  2022-07-24T23:53:03+02:00
    - Add --list-expanded-options option for debugging
    - Add --extensions option to specify extensions to look for

0.0.25  2022-07-24T17:53:12+02:00
    - Add --paths-from option to read paths from a file
    - Add --files-from option to read filenames from a file

0.0.24  2022-07-24T16:44:28+02:00
    - Add --find option to interprete selected paths as lines
    - Add -json-per-file option when reading from STDIN
    - Fix handling of "-" as a positional parameter
    - Fix handling of STDIN if a human is typing
    - Bump dependency of "as-cli-arguments" for fixes

0.0.23  2022-07-23T22:17:46+02:00
    - Bump dependency on Files::Containing to get "has-word"
    - First working version of reading lines from STDIN

0.0.22  2022-07-22T17:13:41+02:00
    - Make --json-per-line actually work
    - Add "count-only" support to json-per-line
    - Bump dependency on CLI::Help to inhibit -h from triggering
    - Bump dependency on CLI::Version to inhibit -v from triggering
    - Fix issue with options indicating False

0.0.21  2022-07-22T14:09:00+02:00
    - Rename --list-additional-options to --list-custom-options
    - Rename --json to --json-per-file
    - Add option --json-per-line to check each line for JSON
    - Allow specification of value with option replacement

0.0.20  2022-07-21T14:24:45+02:00
    - Add option --json to check JSON files only

0.0.19  2022-07-21T13:07:22+02:00
    - Add option --dry-run to *not* actually make any changes
    - Add option --backup to make backups of any modified files
    - Add initial version of all help sections

0.0.18  2022-07-20T23:14:37+02:00
    - Add option --file-separator-null to get \0 between filenames
    - Allow --no-foo as alternative to --/foo
    - Add option --modify-files to modify content of files with Callable

0.0.17  2022-07-20T12:52:44+02:00
    - Rename --I option to --repository to get away from Perlishness
    - Rename --M option to --module for better clarity
    - Rename option --no-filename to --show-filename for consistency
    - Rename option --line-number to --show-line-number for consistency
    - Add option --break to determine breaking between matches of files
    - Add option --group-matches to only mention filename once
    - Adapt documentation

0.0.16  2022-07-19T17:15:09+02:00
    - Bump dependency on "highlighter" to get ":type support
    - Bump dependency on "Files::Containing" to get ":type" support
    - Add support for --type functionality
    - Initial version of --help documentation

0.0.15  2022-07-19T12:03:57+02:00
    - Add support for -I functionality
    - Add support for -M functionality
    - Worked a bit on the pod

0.0.14  2022-07-18T20:47:50+02:00
    - Add dependency on META::constants 
    - Add dependency on CLI::Help to get --help support
    - Make sure that option replacements occur recursively
    - Bump dependency on "Files::Containing" to get :count-only functionality
    - Add support for --count-only functionality
    - Cleaned up Changes

0.0.13  2022-07-17T10:17:34+02:00
    - Fix issue when there was no config file available
    - Remove mentions of now removed option names
    - Allow editor to be named with --edit

0.0.12  2022-07-16T22:17:25+02:00
    - Process option substitutions in the order they are specified
    - Remove all aliases for each option: each option can only be accessed
      by default using a single (long) name, for clarity.  Users can add
      their own shortcuts with --save, or add a set from someone adhering
      to either "grep", "ack" or "ag" options
    - Changed wording in documentation to refer to "options" if they are
      about optional named arguments on the command line
    - Change "list-tags" option to "list-additional-options", to be more
      in line with names used

0.0.11  2022-07-16T13:29:57+02:00
    - Remove "--with" option: you can now use any saved option directly,
      without having to use --with
    - Bump dependency on "highlighter" to get colum fix for regexes
      and fix for highlighting on regexes issue
    - Bump dependency on "Edit::Files" to not call editor if nothing to edit

0.0.10  2022-07-15T23:39:04+02:00
    - Up dependency on "Edit::Files" in code as well  :-(

0.0.9  2022-07-15T23:29:55+02:00
    - Up dependency on "Edit::Files" to get nvim support
    - Add support for --pattern, allowing pattern to be saved with --save

0.0.8  2022-07-15T15:59:26+02:00
    - Add dependency on "JSON::Fast"
    - Add support for --save=tag functionality
    - Add support for --with=tag1,tag2 functionality
    - Add support for --list-tags functionality

0.0.7  2022-07-15T12:55:35+02:00
    - Bump dependency on "highlighter" to get "columns" support
    - Add scaffolding and documentation for --replace-files argument
    - Add dependency on "Edit::Files"
    - Add support for "--edit" argument to edit the search result

0.0.6  2022-07-14T12:52:34+02:00
    - Allow for multiple paths to be specified
    - Bump dependency on Files::Containing to be up-to-date
    - Add -h / --no-filenames argument to *not* show filenames
    - Add -n / --line-number argument to show line numbers
    - Add dependency on "as-cli-arguments" for better error reporting
    - Remove some premature optimizations

0.0.5  2022-07-10T15:26:55+02:00
    - No longer follow symlinked directories by default
    - Bump dependency on Files::Containing to get :follow-symlinks capability
    - Add -S / --follow-symlinks arguments to follow symlinked directories

0.0.4  2022-07-09T14:22:33+02:00
    - Fix actual dependency on CLI::Version, spotted by CI

0.0.3  2022-07-09T13:59:14+02:00
    - Bump dependency on Files::Containing to get new semantics if
      a Callable is specified as the pattern
    - Bump dependency on highlighter to be able to use the
      :summary-if-larger-than feature
    - Bump dependency on CLI::Version just for the sake of it
    - Improved internal documentation

0.0.2  2022-06-26T15:12:36+02:00
    - Added a lot of functionality and a lot of pod.  Still a lot
      of work to do.  Suggestions welcome!

0.0.1  2022-06-21T13:41:02+02:00
    - Initial version