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Revision history for Edit-Files

0.0.5  2022-10-21T19:55:21+02:00
    - Make sure STDIN is connected to a TTY before calling vim

0.0.4  2022-07-16T12:17:25+02:00
    - Don't bother calling the editor if there's nothing to edit

0.0.3  2022-07-15T17:43:03+02:00
    - Add support for "nvim" editor, SmokeMachine++

0.0.2  2022-07-15T10:30:57+02:00
    - Add editors "vi" and "view" as an alternative to "vim"
    - Add proper support for additional (ad-hoc) editors
    - Add missing documentation

0.0.1  2022-07-14T22:17:58+02:00
    - Initial version