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Revision history for paths

10.0.3  2021-11-07T12:02:29+01:00
    - Remove the class definition needed for mi6

10.0.2  2021-10-29T20:52:55+02:00
    - Marking the iterator as "lazy" was **not** a good idea.  It stops
      you from just doing .elems if you just want to know the number of
      paths found.

10.0.1  2021-10-29T15:53:36+02:00
    - Make sure iterator is marked as lazy and non-deterministic (as the
      OS may decide to change the order and/or the file system contents
      may change).

10.0.0  2021-10-09T12:51:42+02:00
    - Needed to switch to a higher version as App::Mi6 once again decided
      to upload as a "v6.c" version

0.0.2  2021-10-09T12:39:02+02:00
    - Add more tests from a temporary directory
    - First released version after App::Mi6 snafu fixed

0.0.1  2021-10-08T17:12:19+02:00
    - Initial version