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Revision history for rak

0.0.47  2022-11-23T13:05:35+01:00
    - Bump dependency on Git::Files properly

0.0.46  2022-11-23T12:54:09+01:00
    - Bump dependency on Git::Files to sync up path-utils version

0.0.45  2022-11-19T19:53:24+01:00
    - Fix issue with "is-text" test on unreadable files, again
      spotted by Márton Polgár.
    - Bumped dependency on paths to get more comprehensive and
      better readability checks

0.0.44  2022-11-18T17:31:34+01:00
    - Fix issue with --files-from=- and --paths-from=-, spotted by
      Márton Polgár

0.0.43  2022-11-17T18:54:54+01:00
    - Make sure that data fetched from URLs produce strings for the
      file filter property checks to be performed without issues.

0.0.42  2022-11-14T18:06:01+01:00
    - Bump dependency on "path-utils" to get "path-is-text" support
    - Add support for :is-text argument
    - Remove dependency on Data::TextOrBinary
    - No longer look whether files without extension are binary:
      this should now explicitely be specified with :is-text

0.0.41  2022-11-12T12:52:16+01:00
    - Make :dont-catch actually work

0.0.40  2022-11-11T19:01:50+01:00
    - Bump dependency on paths to get support for :!file as a way to
      fetch directory paths, rather than file paths
    - Document specification of :!file to get directory paths only

0.0.39  2022-11-08T11:04:01+01:00
    - Add dependency on Data::TextOrBinary
    - Files without extension that look like they're binary, will
      not be searched (at least for now)

0.0.38  2022-10-20T15:46:42+02:00
    - Add support for :ioify argument, indicating the code that
      should be used convert a path into an object on which
      .lines and .slurp can be called

0.0.37  2022-10-16T14:16:36+02:00
    - Add support for :sort argument, to sort sources

0.0.36  2022-10-15T21:37:20+02:00
    - Bump dependency on path-utils to fix issues with testing
    - Bump dependency on Git::Files to fix issues with testing

0.0.35  2022-10-12T14:23:38+02:00
    - Fix issue with :unique|classify|categorize when being given
      a Seq rather than something Listy
    - Make default stringification of PairContext/PairMatched objects
      a bit more intuitive

0.0.34  2022-10-11T15:36:32+02:00
    - Add support for :classify and :categorize

0.0.33  2022-10-07T23:16:07+02:00
    - Add support for :accept and :deny

0.0.32  2022-10-07T12:44:51+02:00
    - Support URLs as path/file specifications, needs 'curl'

0.0.31  2022-10-06T14:33:17+02:00
    - Make sure that :find doesn't eagerize either

0.0.30  2022-10-02T17:49:27+02:00
    - Make sure reading from STDIN does not eagerize to allow
      tail -f sources to work

0.0.29  2022-09-29T01:20:05+02:00
    - Make sure that not specifying :dir or :file will actually use
      the defaults that "paths" assume for :dir and :file

0.0.28  2022-09-27T21:41:23+02:00
    - Fix version dependency snafu

0.0.27  2022-09-27T21:04:28+02:00
    - Bump dependency of Git::Files to fix deadlock on large repos
    - Bump dependency of path-utils for Windows fixes

0.0.26  2022-09-25T21:51:39+02:00
    - Add support for :old-new

0.0.25  2022-09-24T16:46:02+02:00
    - Fix issue with path "-" and reading from STDIN if $*IN.t
    - Fix issue with checking for readability when reading from STDIN

0.0.24  2022-09-23T18:08:09+02:00
    - Add support for :mapper if :sources-only or :sources-without-only
      has been specified
    - Fix issue when using both :before-context and :after-context
    - Fix issue when trying to read lines from files that do not exist,
      or which are not readable.
    - Make :produce-one expect Nil for failure to produce
    - :produce-one now implies :omit-item-number

0.0.23  2022-09-20T13:38:57+02:00
    - Fix issue with --under-version-control, to handle files that have
      been removed (or 'git mv'ed), but which haven't been committed yet.
    - Bump dependency on path-utils, because we can
    - Add dependency on Git::Files: it handles --under-version-control
      semantics more correctly than the local code did

0.0.22  2022-09-11T22:45:09+02:00
    - Add :eager option for eager evalution

0.0.21  2022-09-04T23:23:07+02:00
    - Git submodules are also followed with :under-version-control
    - No longer assume :under-version-control if no path specified
      and the current directory is top dir in git repo: it was too
      magic and confusing
    - Fix issue with :quietly
    - Properly hyperize the sources sequence

0.0.20  2022-09-04T13:20:22+02:00
    - Add support for :exec and :shell

0.0.19  2022-08-31T12:10:51+02:00
    - Remove :file / :dir specification if default :under-version-control
      is active
    - Remove unused dependency on "has-word", that lives in App::Rak now
    - Ignore git submodules for now when --under-version-control is active

0.0.18  2022-08-30T00:08:33+02:00
    - Fix synopsis in pod
    - Assume :under-version-control if only searching current
      directory *and* the directory looks like it is the top
      directory of a git repository.

0.0.17  2022-08-29T11:08:06+02:00
    - Add support for :sources-without-only

0.0.16  2022-08-27T15:44:46+02:00
    - Make sure $*SOURCE is set to indicate the current source of
      items to check
    - Bump dependency on "path-utils"
    - Add support for :has-setgid
    - Add support for :has-setuid
    - Add support for :is-sticky

0.0.15  2022-08-27T12:21:06+02:00
    - Clarification about the relation between PairContext and
    - Attempt to upload to fez again, as it appeared to have eaten the
      previous release

0.0.14  2022-08-27T00:15:28+02:00
    - Make PairMatched a subclass of PairContext, so that we can check
      on the PairContext type to see if it is a "normal" line number /
      line | produced value case
    - Changed name of :omit-item-numbers to :omit-item-number for
    - Changed name of :passthru-context to :passthru, as it will
      *always* pass through all lines, even if there is no match.
      So there's not really a concept of context at work here
    - Add support for :passthru-context, which will only produce
      all items *if* there is at least one match
    - Bump dependency on "path-utils"
    - Add support for :is-owner-readable
    - Add support for :is-owner-writable
    - Add support for :is-owner-executable

0.0.13  2022-08-23T22:58:57+02:00
    - Add support for :under-version-control
    - Change semantics of matcher returning Empty: now means no match
    - Fix :invert-match logic

0.0.12  2022-08-23T13:00:04+02:00
    - Make matcher returning Nil act the same as False.  This can
      typically happen in a pattern with a try and an execution error
    - Add support for :frequencies

0.0.11  2022-08-22T21:08:35+02:00
    - Fix issue with :paragraph-context

0.0.10  2022-08-20T14:51:48+02:00
    - Make sure we stop trying to match if we reached number of required
      matches (rather than trying once more)
    - Add support for :sources-only

0.0.9  2022-08-19T14:17:48+02:00
    - Remove :is-git-repo and :is-github-repo arguments: they would
      never fire as the checks are only applied to files, and those
      are directory level checks.
    - Recognize &defined to be used as a "noop" producer of matches,
      to allow e.g. a bare :find without pattern to produce all files.
    - The return result is now always a Rak object

0.0.8  2022-08-17T23:52:03+02:00
    - Changed return value of rak to always be a Pair, with
      either an Exception / Map with stats as key, and a potentially
      empty Iterable as value
    - Change :count-only to :stats-only
    - Make sure explicit producer get an IO::Path instead of a string
    - Add ":omit-item-numbers" to get faster/leaner data-structures
      if item numbers are not needed
    - Made sure that source is always an IO::Path object, unless the
      sources were specified with :sources, or reading from STDIN

0.0.7  2022-08-17T13:25:56+02:00
    - Split :producer into :produce-one and :produce-many
    - Add support for :max-matches-per-source
    - Fixed thread-safety issue with generation of context items
    - Only use "lines" in docs if really about lines of text, else
      use the more generic "items" mnemonic.

0.0.6  2022-08-16T22:14:26+02:00
    - Rename :recurse-symlink to :recurse-symlinked-dir for clarity
    - Rename :with-line-endings to :with-line-ending for consistency
    - Add support for :recurse-unmatched-dir 
    - Add warning when reading from STDIN and there's a human attached
    - Prefixed all boolean path filters with "is-" for clarity
    - Removed :per-file and :per-line, we only need a :producer semantics

0.0.5  2022-08-16T11:03:40+02:00
    - Add support for :with-line-endings

0.0.4  2022-08-15T22:30:44+02:00
    - Add support for :count-only
    - Fix issue with laziness of match list of a source

0.0.3  2022-08-15T10:55:39+02:00
    - Add support for :git-repo and :github-repo path selection options
    - Actually make :group-readable work correctly

0.0.2  2022-08-14T16:53:38+02:00
    - Change undocumented :follow-symlinks flag into documented
      'recurse-symlink' flag.
    - Add support for :unique flag

0.0.1  2022-08-14T14:23:56+02:00
    - Re-implementation of core of App::Rak 0.47 as plumbing
    - Added features:
      - many file property filters
      - support for mapping functionality
      - abstract sources
      - generic "per-file" logic