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Revision history for PDF-Document

0.0.9  2023-05-01T18:17:22-05:00
    - Remove Fontfactory into its own module (FontFactory::Type1)
      - Use the newly published module
    - Add class Point to hold an x,y coordinate
    - Add class DocBox to hold a rectangular set of points for
      describing Page media dimensions
    - Add tests for new classes
    - Improve existing tests
    - Improve documentation
    - Correctly handle document and page media- and other boxes

0.0.8  2023-04-15T18:08:20-05:00
    - Added $page.media-box handling to show and set desired paper 
      for a page:
      + Added method 'show-media'
      + Added sub 'set-media-box'
    - Added tests for paper handling

0.0.7  2023-04-10T16:59:07-05:00
    - Added a non-core font for creating bank checks (MICREncoding,
      free for non-commercial use)
    - Cleaned up the README
    - Described the FontFactory

0.0.6  2023-04-09T07:24:07-05:00
    - Fix a test that was failing on Github but not on a local host

0.0.5  2023-04-08T15:14:02-05:00
    - Add example of landscape orientation and creating grids
    - Add more tests
    - Improve docs a bit
    - Add another example program
    - Improve tests with the excellent module 'Proc::Easier'

0.0.4  2023-03-27T08:32:51-05:00
    - Add CREDITS section
    - Use separate Github workflow OS test files for Linux, MacOS, Windows
    - Use new mi6 capability for creating more docs
    - Use more Raku standard file extensions
    - Move to Zef archive

0.0.3  2021-02-12T14:52:07-06:00
    - Many updates, but still a work-in-progress.

0.0.2  2021-01-08T07:09:31-06:00
    - correct syntax to invert the %CoreFonts hash to use aliases as keys

0.0.1  2021-01-07T18:04:54-06:00
    - Initial version