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Uses apache log format for logging, you can specify custom formats also.

By default this module uses the common log format specified by Apache.


use HTTP::Server::Logger; use HTTP::Server::Threaded; qw<... set up server stuff ...>; my HTTP::Server::Logger $log .= new; $server.after($log.logger); #the logger now logs when the server is closed $log.format('[%s] %t %U'); #set the format for the log $log.pretty-log; #use a pretty format '[%s] %{%Y/%m/%d %H:%m}t %U' $server.listen;

custom logger

you can use this logger for custom logging as long as you're okay with the apache log format

use HTTP::Server::Logger; my HTTP::Server::Logger $log .= new(fmt => '%t %Z'); $log.log({ t => 'something t', Z => 'something Z', }); # output: 'something t something Z'

need some custom formatting for Z?

my HTTP::Server::Logger $log .= new(fmt => '%t %Z'); $log.custom<Z> = sub ($data) { return $data.UC; }; $log.log({ t => 'something t', Z => 'lowercase', }); # output: 'something t LOWERCASE'