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Revision history for ANTLR4-Grammar

0.6.2  2019-02-24T12:27:28+09:00

    - Making more original tests pass, the extra ANTLR info is what's left behind.

0.6.1  2018-04-11T17:50:30+02:00
    - Changed from 'rule' to 'token', will work on this.
      Also added a simple (but complete) test of ABNF tests

0.6.0  2018-04-10T21:09:01+02:00
    - Added several new grammar files, massive refactoring

0.5.2  2018-04-08T22:09:09+02:00
    - Clean up another grammar file, more refactoring.

0.5.0  2018-04-03T16:24:21+02:00
    - Passes most of the corpus, there likely are some holes.

0.2.3  2018-03-26T22:37:20+02:00
    - Add compilation test suite, a few ANTLR-specific terms

0.2.2  2018-03-26T12:55:55+02:00
    - Forgot to update binary

0.2.1  2018-03-26T12:30:00+02:00
    - Add grammar-level modifiers

0.2.0  2018-03-24T16:31:29+01:00
    - Made it easier for subclasses to indent files as they like, and extend.

0.1.1  2018-03-23T13:55:51+01:00
    - Eep. The generated Abnf grammar parses a basic Abnf file.

0.1.0  2018-03-21T21:01:31+01:00
    - Terminal, nonterminal, concatenation and alternation all work.

0.0.3  2018-03-21T15:23:59+01:00
    - Restructure tests so that I don't miss as much, modifiers

0.0.2  2018-03-19T20:22:49+01:00
    - Escape terminals correctly, add modifiers to grouping

0.0.1  2018-03-19T19:45:35+01:00
    - Initial release