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Create a "snapshot" of the installed Raku modules so they can be reinstalled later.

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	raku-module-snap [--directory=<dir>}

Then at some point later in the directory it created:

	zef install .


This provides a facility to take a "snapshot" of the Raku modules you have installed on your system in the form of a skeleton distribution with the modules as dependencies which can be used to reinstall the modules or even install them fresh on a new machine.

The key use cases for this kind of thing would be either that you need to remove and reinstall your Raku installation (rather than just upgrading in place that will leave the modules as they were,) or you want deploy the same modules on another machine to run some application (or duplicate a development environment.)

This is similar in intent to the autobundle command of Perl 5's cpan command.

It should work with any module installer that uses the standard Raku installation mechanisms ( zef) and should in theory work with any new ones that may come along as it simply writes a minimal META file into an otherwise bare directory. The META file contains the installed modules as it's dependencies just a like a normal module might.


Assuming you have a working rakudo installation you can install with zef:

zef install App::ModuleSnap

which will install the script and the small supporting module.


This is very simple, but if you have any suggestions/patches etc please send them via github at https://github.com/jonathanstowe/App-ModuleSnap/issues .

This is free software. Please see the LICENCE file in the distribution.

© Jonathan Stowe 2016 - 2021