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Here be dragons: Humming-Bird is still young, you may run into bugs, creatures, and daemons, if you run into any issues, please make an issue!

Humming-Bird is a simple, composable, and performant, all in one HTTP web-framework for Raku. Humming-Bird was inspired mainly by Opium, Sinatra, and Express, and tries to keep things minimal, allowing the user to pull in things like templating engines, and ORM's on their own terms.

Humming-Bird comes with what you need to quickly, and efficiently spin up REST API's, and with a few of the users favorite libraries, dynamic MVC style web-apps.

Humming-Bird is not meant to face the internet directly. Please use a reverse proxy such as httpd or NGiNX.


Simple example:

use v6.d;

use Humming-Bird::Core;

get('/', -> $request, $response {
    $response.html('<h1>Hello World</h1>');


# Navigate to localhost:8080!

Simple JSON example:

use v6;

use Humming-Bird::Core;

my %users = Map.new('bob', '{ "name": "bob" }', 'joe', '{ "name": "joe" }');

get('/users/:user', -> $request, $response {
    my $user = $request.param('user');

    if %users{$user}:exists {
    } else {



use v6.d;

use Humming-Bird::Core;
use Humming-Bird::Middleware;

get('/logged', -> $request, $response {
    $response.html('This request has been logged!');
}, [ &middleware-logger ]); # &middleware-logger is provided by Humming-Bird::Middleware

# Custom middleware
sub block-firefox($request, $response, &next) {
    return $response.status(400) if $request.header('User-Agent').starts-with('Mozilla');

get('/no-firefox', -> $request, $response {
    $response.html('You are not using Firefox!');
}, [ &middleware-logger, &block-firefox ]);

# Scoped middleware

# Both of these routes will now share the middleware specified in the last parameter of the group.
    &get.assuming('/', -> $request, $response {

    &post.assuming('/users', -> $request, $response {
], [ &middleware-logger, &block-firefox ]);

More examples can be found in the examples directory.


Things to keep in mind

How to install

Make sure you have zef installed.

Install latest

zef -v install https://github.com/rawleyfowler/Humming-Bird.git

Install stable

zef install Humming-Bird


All contributions are encouraged! I know the Raku community is amazing, so I hope to see some people get involved :D

Please make sure you squash your branch, and name it accordingly before it gets merged!


Humming-Bird is available under the MIT, you can view the license in the LICENSE file at the root of the project. For more information about the MIT, please click here.