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Revision history for Mi6-Helper

0.8.1  2023-03-21T17:06:58-05:00
    - Get the 'version' mode working for the installed module. Thanks @ugexe!

0.8.0  2023-03-16T19:05:43-05:00
    - Really fix error with version 0.7.2 (and thus 0.7.3)
      and get back on a good track
    - Add rudimentary "old" mode, checks git status only for now
    - Move all extra dev material to /dev directory

0.7.3  2023-03-10T18:50:25-06:00
    - Fix error with rudementary "old" mode

0.7.2  2023-03-10T09:18:22-06:00
    - Update required version of App::Mi6 and Ask
    - Add rudimentary "old" mode, checks git status only for now
    - Correct typo

0.7.1  2022-11-28T08:40:25-06:00
    - Add notice about the fez requirement

0.7.0  2022-11-27T15:14:25-06:00
    - Ensure either $new or $old is selected before dealing with $provides
    - Move 'version' in help message to be aligned with other modes
    - Correctly corrected 'version' option to handle both local and installed locations
    - Make new repo push ready after all changes are made, including a final 'mi6 build'
      to update the 'README.md' and then a 'git commit -m"initial commit"'
    - Update the README for the new capabilities

0.6.2  2022-11-21T18:45:16-06:00
    - Fixed 'git add' for new files
    - Corrected 'version' option to handle both local and installed locations
    - Updated README for details on the three workflow test files;
      also eliminated duplicate lines

0.6.1  2022-11-19T20:00:56-06:00
    - Add all optional sections of the 'dist.ini' file
    - Add a 'version' mode for the module
    - Remove resources subdir

0.6.0  2022-11-19T07:02:49-06:00
    - Correct gross error in creating three badges
    - Make a hidden 'provides' file expected, but not required,
      in the event of no explicit 'provides' file.
    - run 'git add' for the new files created

0.5.4  2022-11-12T14:08:20-06:00
    - Add three testing badges to the README
    - Add to docs

0.5.3  2022-10-20T06:29:03-05:00
    - Removed unneeded dependency

0.5.2  2022-10-20T06:01:11-05:00
    - Capitalize Zef in the description
    - Add missing dependency

0.5.1  2022-09-30T08:55:09-05:00
    - The 'new' mode is now functional
    - Add some advertising

0.5.0  2022-09-29T19:45:27-05:00
    - Publish to the Zef repository
    - Make it functional
    - Reorient the purpose of this module to a minimal set of non-interfering changes
      with the possibility for personalization with an INI file

0.0.1  2020-08-11T14:14:28-05:00
    - Initial version