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Recent Distributions

Sparky0.2.8Sparky is a flexible and minimalist continuous integration server and distribute tasks runner written in Raku
PublicSuffix0.1.20240713Query Mozilla's Public Suffix List
Algorithm::KdTree0.0.7Raku binding for C implementation of the Kd-Tree Algorithm (https://github.com/jtsiomb/kdtree)
PublicSuffix0.1.20240712Query Mozilla's Public Suffix List
ML::FindTextualAnswer0.2.5ML::FindTextualAnswer provides function(s) for finding sub-strings in given text that appear to answer given questions.
Sprockets1.0Ruby Sprockets-like
ML::NLPTemplateEngine0.1.3ML::NLPTemplateEngine provides function(s) for making computational workflows.
JavaScript::Google::Charts0.0.9Generation of JavaScript's Google Charts code for plots and charts.
PDF::Native0.1.1Native drop-in native routines for PDF::IO
YAMLScript0.1.66Program in YAML
PDF0.6.5Base classes for reading, manipulation and writing of PDF data
PDF::Native0.1.0Native drop-in native routines for PDF::IO
Duckie0.0.2Raku bindings and wrapper for DuckDB
Math::Nearest0.0.5Raku package with algorithms for finding nearest neighbors for different sets of objects.
HTML::Entity::Fast0.0.3Encode / Decode HTML entities faster
JavaScript::D30.2.11Generation of JavaScript's D3 code for plots and charts.
Graph0.0.12Common graph functionalities.
Functional::Queue0.0.2Functional queue
Functional::Queue0.0.1Functional queue
Functional::Stack0.0.3Functional Stack
MongoDB0.45.3MongoDB driver
Functional::Stack0.0.2Functional Stack
Functional::LinkedList0.0.4Functional data structure linked list.
Physics::Vector0.0.2Physics::Vector with Units
Physics::Constants1.0.4Some support for physical constants.
YAMLScript0.1.65Program in YAML
Graph0.0.11Common graph functionalities.
JavaScript::D30.2.10Generation of JavaScript's D3 code for plots and charts.
Physics::Unit2.0.2Some support for physical units.
Functional::Stack0.0.1Functional Stack
Functional::LinkedList0.0.3Functional data structure linked list.
Graph0.0.10Common graph functionalities.
App::ShowPath0.0.2show the contents of the environment variable $PATH, in a browseable table form
Mmap::Native0.0.6interface to posix mmap() and mmunmap() calls
EBNF::Grammar0.1.6EBNF grammar and interpreters.
Functional::LinkedList0.0.2Functional data structure linked list.
Functional::LinkedList0.0.1Functional data structure linked list.
Physics::Vector0.0.1Physics::Vector with Units
Math::Vector0.6.0Vector math class
Graph0.0.9Common graph functionalities.
Method::Protected0.0.3add "is protected" trait to methods
Net::NetRC0.0.7parse `.netrc` files
Config::Parser::NetRC0.0.1A NetRC parser for L<Config|https://github.com/scriptkitties/p6-Config>
Graph0.0.8Common graph functionalities.
SSH::LibSSH::Tunnel0.0.7establish remote forwarding SSH tunnel
Method::Protected0.0.2add "is protected" trait to methods
PublicSuffix0.1.20240701Query Mozilla's Public Suffix List
ValueClass0.0.10A way to create immutable value objects
ValueClass0.0.9A way to create immutable value objects
Terminal-MakeRaw1.0.0Switch a terminal to and from raw mode